The Wall Art Collection

A new range from greendesigns! Featuring exciting contemporary designs of paper on canvas.

All Wall Art prices are as listed. Postage and packing is £5:00 to mainland Britain only. Other destinations by agreement. Sizes are nominal, and are given for guidance only.

Rosie 40cm x 30cm02

I am pleased to accept commissions for any style and any size

Misty Pinks 50cm x 20cm
Sea Sparkles 25cm x 20cm02

Title: Rosie Dimensions:40cm x 30cm £35:00

Title: Sea Sparkles Dimensions:25cm x 20cm £20:00

Indian Bazaar 20cm x 25cm
Flower Power 50cm x 20cm02

Title: Misty Pink Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

Title: Indian Bazaar Dimensions:25cm x 20cm £20:00

Canvas Raj 25 x 20
Moody Blues 50cm x 40cm

Title: Raj Dimensions:25cm x 20cm £20:00

Title: Flower Power Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00


Islands 50cm x 75cm

Title: Moody Blues Dimensions:50cm x 40cm £50:00

Canvas Babylon 40 x 30

Title: Babylon Dimensions:40cm x 30cm £35:00

Canvas esau 40 x 30

Title: Islands Dimensions:75cm x 50cm £85:00

Sea Blues 75cm x 50cm02

Title: Esau Dimensions:40cm x 30cm £35:00

Urban Spaces 60cm x 45cm

Title: Sea Blues Dimensions:75cm x 50cm £85:00

Baby Elephant Walk 50cm x 40cm

Title: Urban Spaces Dimensions:60cm x 45cm £60:00


Treasure Jules 40cm x 30cm

Title: Baby Elephant Walk Dimensions:50cm x 40cm £50:00

Canvas garden 50 x 20

Title: Treasure Jules Dimensions:40cm x 30cm £35:00

Title: Garden Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

Chocolate Chrysanthemums 50cm x 20cm02

Title: Chocolate Chrysanthemum Dimensions: 50cm x 20cm    £30:00

Gold Seams 60cm x 45cm


Scarlet O'Hara 50cm x 20cm

Title: Scarlet O’Hara Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

Spring Showers 60cm x 45cm

Title: Spring Showers Dimensions:60cm x 45cm £60:00

Title: Gold Nuggets Dimensions:75cm x 50cm £85:00

triptych 3no 25 x 20

     Title: Cinnamon Sparkles                     Triptych                   Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm x 3no  £50:00

Canvas Bombay 50 X 2002

Title: Bombay Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

White Heat 60cm x 45cm

     Title: White Heat          Dimensions: 60cm x 45cm    £60:00

3 pinks

Title: Pinks Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

Desert Sunset 50cm x 40cm02

Title: Desert Sunset Dimensions:50cm x 40cm £50:00

Canvas Joseph 50 x 40

Title: Joseph Dimensions:50cm x 40cm £50:00

Canvas Fire and Rain 50 x 20

Title: Fire and Rain Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

Canvas Longacre 40 x 30

Title: Longacre Dimensions:40cm x 30cm £35:00

2 Lilac Haze Canvas doors 25 x 20

Title:   Lilac Haze       25cm x 20cm        £20:00

Title: Doors           25cm x 20cm      £20:00

Ocean Spray 50cm x 20cm

Title: Ocean Spray Dimensions:50cm x 20cm £30:00

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