Hello, you’ve arrived at the site showcasing the work of Julie Betts PAPER ARTIST

All the following works are decorated using various papers, which I dye, paint or print myself and use to create my own original designs.

C Red Hot 1
Rosie 40cm x 30cm
9 vmmfountainred

A range of interesting wall clocks, decorated with the flair you’d expect from greendesigns. Two sizes, thousands of possibilities.

The new line of wall art, these are canvases decorated in the greendesigns way. Several sizes, many styles, lots of designs.

The line that started the whole greendesigns thing - pressed flower cards. Now taken beyond the original interest to explore whole new styles.

The glassware line that made greendesigns famous. Here is a small sample of the candleholders, bowls and tealights that have proved so popular.

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